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Why Buy In?

We’re not just about astounding art, we’re about funding a super squad hell-bent on making the next big modern sidescroller. Retro gaming with cutting edge production.

We hold a long term vision with modest beginnings. We aim to build upon each small consecutive success and create new tools every step of the way to execute on much larger ambitions.

Our proof of concept and alpha gameplay is already available with a highly committed team deeply invested in the project.

Our holders are the intrepid initial investors and will receive, in perpetuity, free keys for every game we produce. Additionally a portion of secondary sales will be reserved and split evenly amongst holders.

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The story follows two young songbirds who are pushed from their home by a violent storm shortly after having nested and laid eggs. They seek asylum with the Crowfolk who accept them but Blue is incapacitated by the loss and Red tries his best to provide for their new nest with supplies and materials. 


The Nest is a hand-painted, traditionally animated non-linear 2D puzzle platformer with gameplay inspired by Zelda Ocarina of Time and Ori and the Blind Forest. Exploration will be a large part of the game with ability gating and backtracking it’s bread and butter. The world is deep forest engulfed in the history of a golden age where great birds once led.

Helping the Crow Elder, Red unearths a prophecy destined to shatter the world and cover it in a never-ending winter. Only the Voice of the Forest can destroy the infection that threatens all of Birdkind.

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The World
of The Nest

Storm Ravaged Woods

The Storm-Ravaged Woods are largely beaten down and uprooted, victim to many storms, one more savage than the other. This is the former stomping ground of our heroes before they vacated in favor of a more benign location. There is some sense of danger as if a large tree could fall at any moment or a predator is lurking nearby. It was once a safe and bountiful place before the weather conditions increased in intensity and now it is slowly driving it’s inhabitants out.

Storm Ravaged Woods 

The world and environments in such a genre are living characters in their own right. Each area is filled with noteworthy landmarks and particular design language that stick in the mind and pull you back as your skillset grows and more areas become within reach. The zones are overflowing with personality and laiden with emotion, lore to be found round every corner.

Core Mines

The Core Mines are a long abandoned but clearly well-established network of mine shafts and caves, hinting at the existence of man or some other being with advanced technology. Although no one remains to man the mines, the automatons still function, filling the atmosphere with industrious clanks jets of steam, evidence of a bygone industry.

Core Mines



The Bleakwoods is an area full of dead wood, rot and fungus. Spores will hover in the air devoid of wind and branches endlessly creak ready to fall at any time. every step taken feels on hollow ground and dry leaves crack as you go. The theme of this area is emptiness, dry and barren.



Who Are
The Crowfolk?

Their responsibilities are infrequent but are taken seriously. They understand every crow has to pull its weight for the good of the community. They are not typically friendly to outsiders, favoring their own community over others.

The Crowfolk are a large community of crows inhabiting the huge home tree. The crows are a mischievous bunch. Incredibly astute and observant, they relish clever puns and delight in twisting reality to some odd story they string together to confuse you. For non-crowfolk, it’s near impossible to determine if they’re serious or joking. But 95% of the time, they’re joking.

Crowfolk are capable of fine craftsmanship and strong industry. Their main activity is the growth and harvest of a type of mushroom that dries to a texture similar to leather which can serve as clothing, accessories and building material. When crows are not working or playing tricks on each other they can be found in their extensive public baths pruning themselves and pontificating.


Q1 2022

  • Build Community and launch ‘Acorn Economy’ within Discord.

  • Find thematic cross-promotional collaborative partners

  • Incentivize community with free companion ‘Vial’ NFTs for Crowfolk customization

  • Release 999 generative PFP Crowfolk NFTs

Q2 2022

  • Begin game development and a weekly Dev Diary to inform the community of progress

  • Produce highly polished, 15 minute vertical slice of gameplay and release to holders

  • Investigate publishing options and further funding avenues

  • Finalize local animal charity to support

  • Release generative PFP ‘Spiderhood’ NFTs to expand ‘The Nest’ universe

Q3 2022

  • Release exclusive Merch store to holders with quality designs and materials

  • Produce a promotional trailer with gameplay and/or motion comic

  • Produce a working prototype of ‘competitive mode’ gameplay and explore P2E direction

  • Seek community feedback for general improvements

  • Continue story mode development starting with the prologue map and narrative

Q4 2022

  • Produce ‘The art of The Nest’ Volume 1 to release to holders (digital asset)

  • Explore partnerships with blockchain developers to support a P2E model

  • Release generative PFP ‘Beaver Republic’ NFTs to further expand ‘The Nest’ universe

  • Continue story mode game development 

  • Release year 2 roadmap


Forging our tools and mechanics on Godot, a highly efficient game engine that is free and open source, means that we can create great looking and extremely performant games without the need to pay out for expensive software or hardware.

Typically as a company grows and every other member requires a license for the game engine, this cost can rack up something fierce. For example, 50 seats of Unity enterprise amounts to $144 000 per year. This does not seem like a strong scalable solution. By putting the work in early with Godot, we can avoid these types of scenarios.

The Nest is just the beginning. The proceeds from it’s release go towards the next game, a sprawling celtic dark fantasy where you play as a beautiful levitating god-tier witch princess with a hideously disturbing past. The characters are broken and bitter, the landscapes teeming with myth and monsters being torn asunder… need we say more?

The Nest, the video game to which the crowfolk belong, is the first step in building a gaming empire that will provide countless hours of fun and meaningful adventures. Our mission is to take what’s pure and good in 2D gaming and bring it to new heights, to do battle for our rightful place among the trailblazing developers of our time.

All of the mechanics and methods we develop during the making of The Nest will be built and improved upon for future projects. By staying in the 2D side scroller lane, our base requirements per project are similar and mechanics can be dropped in and iterated upon to fit the new project, freeing up time for the pursuit of higher creative excellence There will not be any genre-jumping between projects, we do or die in the search of the perfect 2D game.


Long Term

The Team


Ross A. Campbell

The Mighty

Project lead and true 'artiste', Ross has worked all over from DC to 20th Century Fox. When he manages to pull his finger out his nose for longer then 5 mins he creates new worlds such as 'The Nest'. 


Jason Silvert

The Statesman

Charming devil and Community manager. AKA The Penguin VA, when Jason isn't whispering sweet nothings in EVERYONE's ear he's scheming to steal dinosaur DNA from an old amber-covered mosquito...


Ryan Edward

The Town Crier

Talented marketeer and wannabe frenchman, Ryan brews potions to spread patent baldness to the masses. Additionally, the most bearded and beautiful of Ross's little brothers...


Eddy Aguirre

The Scholar

Generalist developer  and big handsome man, Eddy spends his free time making flood defenses against the deluge of Ross's terrible ideas. Remarkably, Eddy grew from infant to fully formed adult in under 13 months...